Why Cheddar Auto is the Most Trustworthy Way to Sell a Car in Ohio

There has never been a better time to sell your car online. You’ve had it for years; you’re ready let it go, but you’re not sure what’s the better way to get cash for your car. Luckily, the Get More Cheddar method provides residents of Cleveland, Youngstown, and  Chillicothe, OH, with a better option.

Option One: Trade It at a Dealership

When you trade in your car at a dealership, the salesperson will offer you money for your vehicle based on its resale value. If you decide to exchange your vehicle, you should look up its current price on sites like Kelley Blue Book. Always make sure the offer is fair.

Sadly, what usually happens is that the dealerships offer you a good deal, but they make sure you spend the money on one of their more expensive cars; you are not selling your car. You are buying one from the dealership at a loss.

Option Two: Sell It to a Private Buyer

You can try sites like Craigslist or eBay. Those might net you a few hundred dollars more than the trade-in price, but it’s not easy to do. Finding someone willing to pay a fair price for your vehicle will probably take some time. It isn’t a safe situation either. You never know who you are dealing with. If you ever do this, take all safety measures possible.

Option Three: Get a Cash Offer Online

Companies like Get More Cheddar offer cash for your car. This way, you avoid hassling with a dealership or selling it to a third party. All it takes is visiting the Get More Cheddar website and filling out some information about your car. Cheddar Auto will contact you with an initial quote.

Get More Cheddar on the Spot!

Start by learning more about your car’s value. After researching, take your business with a reputable company that’ll give you what your used car is truly worth. That’s where Cheddar Auto helps you. We’ll get you the fairest offer possible for your car.

A Fair & Stress-Free Process

The Get More Cheddar system is an easy and painless process:

  • Enter your VIN or license plate number here.
  • Schedule an inspection for your car. If you’ve taken good care of it, its value may increase.
  • You’ll need to complete the usual paperwork to comply with the regulations. It’s just a formality.
  • Bring the proper documentation. You can check what you’ll need in our FAQ.
  • Prepare to get paid on the spot with Get More Cheddar. We’ll cut you a check as soon as the paperwork is done.

Get Cash for Your Used Car in Ohio

Now it’s the best time to sell your car. Contact Get More Cheddar for a cash offer. Get More Cheddar is the easiest, most comprehensive way to sell your car in Cleveland, Youngstown, and Chillicothe, Ohio. No sales pitches, no funny business, only cash for your car!