We Buy Your Car and Your General Motor Leases Too!

Thinking there’s a way to get money for your car on the spot sounds ridiculous, right? We know how tedious it can be to deal with days of paperwork and not being offered a fair price for what your vehicle is worth. When making a deal, you want to ensure it’s the right deal for you and your car!

We make this as easy as can be so you can sell your car online and get your car value in cash. You are the one taking the lead during this process, we’re open to your opinions and doubts, and that’s why we’ve created the most straightforward way so you know how to sell your car online and you can avoid dealing with time-consuming processes that lead to a less than fair offer.

How To Sell Your Car Online?

  • You tell us about your car. When you enter your license plate, we recollect every information we need to give you an estimate of an offer in a minute.
  • When you get the offer, we’ll schedule a visit to see your vehicle, and we will make sure to give you a good deal. Remember to check what to bring with you to get a check during the appointment. Check the information here.
  • Every process needs some paperwork, but don’t worry; this is a simple document you’ll be able to fill in minutes.
  • Get your Cheddar. You’ll get paid on the spot. There’s no need for this process to be longer than it is. We make this as easy as possible and get you your check.

Sell Your Lease With Us!

Did you know that we can buy your General Motor lease too? GM wants you to get a good deal to get your check as fast as possible. Come with professionals, and don’t risk trying to sell your lease in an unsafe way or with an unfair deal. 

Now is an excellent time to sell your car since there’s low production and high demand, so if you’re thinking about it, you don’t lose anything in checking your deal and seeing if it’s the right fit.

There are no empty promises, no tricks—just the right value for your lease. And the best thing is? You only have to schedule your visit so we can review your car to give you the greatest deal possible. The rest of the process is fast and smooth.

Get More Cheddar in Ohio

If you’re looking for cash for cars, you can find us in Cleveland, Chillicothe, and Youngstown. Remember that you can get an estimated offer online quickly and easily before scheduling an inspection to get a better look at our deal.

Get More Cheddar is one of the best ways to sell your lease or sell your car online. Are you ready to get cash for your vehicles? We’re ready to help you!