The Best Way to Get Cash for Cars in Cleveland

Now is the best possible time to sell your used car for cash. Thanks to chip shortages and low inventory of new vehicles, used cars are selling at record high prices, and dealers need more used cars to fill up the lots. 

But how do you go about getting the best possible price when selling your car online? Get More Cheddar cuts out the dealership haggling and offers fair payments for cars in any condition. Cheddar Auto helps Cleveland, Ohio residents sell their used vehicles for competitive prices.     

Sell Your Car Online in Cleveland

When you’re selling your car, you have a few options. You can list your car privately on online marketplaces not really designed for selling cars, but then you have to deal with sorting through replies and spam and lowball offers. Not to mention the safety aspect of meeting a stranger to trade your car for a large sum of money. 

You can also take your car to a dealership, but most will play down the car’s value to steer you towards trading it in for one of their vehicles. You end up with a lot less cash in your pocket and a new loan to pay.

Or you can go the Get More Cheddar way. Cheddar pays what your car is truly worth. Because we’re not a dealership, we don’t have any overhead costs or licensing fees passed down to the customer. Instead, we can afford to buy your car for what it really costs.

We Make Selling Your Car Online Easy 

When you sell your car to Cheddar, you get paid on the spot. It’s an easy four-step process that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Learn here how to sell your car online, hassle-free!

1. Car Information

Just enter your license plate information. We’ll pull everything we need to know about your car! We also take VIN numbers if that’s more convenient for you. We do all the heavy lifting and research for you. You’ll get an offer immediately!

2. Schedule Inspection for Car Value

Once you have your offer, just schedule an inspection to verify the condition of your car. This allows us to offer you the most money possible for your vehicle.

3. Paperwork

In a matter of minutes, you can accept your Cheddar offer and sign the paperwork online. 

4. Get Paid!

Now for the fun part! As soon as you sign, we’ll cut you a check—no wait at all. You’re paid on the spot. 

Cash for Cars in Cleveland

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to sell your car, check out Cheddar Auto today. We pay what your vehicle is worth when the dealership won’t! Get the best value possible for your vehicle from the comfort of your home!