Should You Repair or Replace Your Car?

It can be frustrating when your old car starts acting up. You’re left wondering whether you should spend the money to get a new one or just make the necessary repairs. There are a couple of things you should consider before making your decision.

No single answer applies to everyone when the question “repair or replace” arises. Depending on your specific situation, the right decision depends on various factors, including the car repair cost. But worry not. Cheddar Auto will dispense some advice on the matter.

Compare Repair Costs and Your Car’s Value

Use websites such as Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book to calculate the general value of your vehicle. This evaluation shows you how much your car is worth before any repairs or maintenance. You can use this figure to decide whether or not selling your car now is a good idea.

Generally, you should repair the vehicle if your car’s fixed value is sufficient to justify the expense. However, if repair costs cause the total value of your car to fall below the cost of repairing it, consider selling it. You can invest the proceeds from the sale of your car (plus the repair money you didn’t spend) on a vehicle you’re happy to own.

Most Common (and Costlier) Car Repairs

Some car repairs are much more common than others. For example, most car owners need to get their air conditioner compressor replaced at some point, but very few need to replace their transmission. Nonetheless, these less frequent repairs are often the most expensive. A few of the most costly car repairs, often costing thousands of dollars, include replacements of catalytic converters, head gaskets, transmissions, and suspensions.

Generally, it is not worth repairing a car worth $7,000 if the cost of repairs is $3,000 or more, mainly because the car is likely to require additional repair costs in the future on top of routine maintenance. In this scenario, selling your car and buying a new vehicle is the best solution. That’s where the Get More Cheddar process helps you out.

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