Should You Fix Your Car Before Selling It?

It’s no secret that selling your car online can be challenging. One frequent question is whether you should fix your car before selling it. Cheddar Auto can help Youngstown, Ohio, residents get their car’s actual value.

Is Fixing Your Car Before Selling It Worth It?

If you’ve been wondering how to sell your car online, fixing it beforehand is a major consideration. This situation isn’t an issue for anyone with a new car but used vehicle owners have to make a decision. You could need 3,000 dollars in repairs and not get back nearly that amount. It’s always good to get an accurate trade-in value for your vehicle before fixing it.

Significant repairs, such as engine and transmission problems, could be a viable reason to forgo the repairs. Before selling, have a certified technician conduct a car inspection. You’ll save time when we verify your car’s condition as well.

General Maintenance And Repairs Before Selling Your Car

Major repairs aside, several general maintenance tasks are encouraged before selling your vehicle. These include the following:

  • Oil change: keep a record of your current oil change (you should do it every 3,000-5,000 miles). You should also top off the fluids, but that’s done at nearly any service center you take your car to.
  • Rotate the tires: tire rotations should be done around 6,000-8,000 miles to ensure even wear.
  • Wash your car: something as simple as getting your car washed and detailed can make your car look more presentable to sell.


You’ll undoubtedly have a better chance to maximize profits when it comes to making minor repairs because these don’t cost much money. For example, some easy repairs before selling your car can include replacing the windshield wipers, replacing burned-out lights, replacing a tire, or completing some minor touch-up work on the body.

Get An Estimate For Your Vehicle Online

If you’re looking to get cash for cars in Youngstown, OH, Cheddar Auto has the perfect solution. We offer a convenient way for everyone to get a fair price for their vehicles and get paid quickly. Simply enter some details about the car you’re looking to sell and schedule a quick inspection.

We look forward to helping you get the most money possible for your car without all the hoops you get from a dealership.