In Need of Cash in Cleveland? Sell Us Your Car!

When selling a car online, you may want to put it on the private market. Selling your vehicle on your own through poorly designed platforms can take a while. If you take the dealership route, you may find yourself in a complicated process. They will make you fill in tons of paperwork and jump through hoops for a low offer.

Luckily, Cheddar Auto makes the process seamless. Our Get More Cheddar system guarantees you get the fairest price possible.


Start by researching. Residents of the Cleveland and Youngstown, OH area can check Car and Driver or Edmunds. Those can give you an idea of what your vehicle might be worth. You can also check local classified ads for pricing information and talk with friends who have recently sold cars about their experiences.

When you feel you know what to expect, enter your license plate at Get More Cheddar to get an offer from us.


When you’re selling a car, you want to ensure it looks its best. That means giving it some TLC before you schedule an inspection with us. Buyers see how much care you’ve taken in maintaining your vehicle perfectly. They might be more inclined to give you top dollar.

Sell Your Car ASAP

When selling your car for cash online, the faster you do it, the better. The longer you wait to sell, especially if you let it sit on your driveway for months, its value could decrease. Consider using Cheddar Auto for a quicker sale. The Get More Cheddar system is designed to make this process fast and easy.

The Get More Cheddar Way

Cheddar Auto streamlined a system for you to sell your car. Get More Cheddar, get paid the same day! It’s effortless to sell your vehicle to us online through our site. Enter your license plate numbers, schedule an inspection, and get an offer immediately. We’ll cut you a check on the spot if you take it—no wait at all. 

Documentation and Final Details

You can check the papers you’ll need to seal the deal on our site. Ensure you have an updated title, registration, and bill of sale. And don’t forget to include all the keys when dropping off your vehicle.

After that, you’ll be walking away with a fair sum of money for your car. Get More Cheddar, the smoothest experience you’ll find in the local market, is here to help.

Visit Cheddar Auto Youngstown to get a cash offer for your car. Get More Cheddar with a fair price for your vehicle.