How to Replace Your Headlights & Tail lights for Inspection

When selling your car online, making a good first impression is extremely important; you want to get the highest price for your vehicle. Your headlights or taillights can go out without notice, and sometimes replacing the bulb doesn’t fix the problem. What then?

Getting your headlights and taillights fixed doesn’t have to be a challenge; you can do it for a fraction of the cost using tools you may already have at home. When doing any personal maintenance, make sure you are getting the parts needed from official distributors. Using OEM original parts guarantees they’ll work properly for a long time. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through replacing headlights and taillights on your vehicle.

What You’ll Need

To get started you will need: 

  • A screwdriver
  • The replacement taillight or headlight
  • A helper and second set of eyes


  1. Pop the hood, then find which headlight or taillight that needs replacement.
  2. Remove the screws with the screwdriver, holding the light in place.
  3. Pull the light out of the socket carefully.
  4. Place the new light into the socket and screw it in.
  5. Test the replacement bulb to make sure it works properly.


Here are some tips to make sure you get it right:

  • Have someone hold the flashlight while you screw the piece into place.
  • Do not touch the glass of the new light with your fingers, as the oils from your skin can cause the light to dim over time.
  • If you have trouble keeping the new light in place, and don’t have someone to hold it for you, try using electrical tape to secure it in place.

Replacing a taillight or headlight on your vehicle is a quick process that anyone can do, but be sure you have the right tools and proper replacement parts before you get started. Working headlights and taillights are a must when it comes to a fair evaluation of your vehicle. Making this easy replacement will go a long way when it comes down to inspecting your vehicle and getting a good offer.

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