Get More Cheddar for Your Car, Not a Dealership Sales Pitch

The used-car market is booming, especially if you want to sell. With pre-owned car prices at a high, you’ll make more with your old ride. But you’ll also pay more for a new one, about 32.7 percent more than last year.

Customers don’t want to wait in a showroom for hours just to be sold a new car before getting paid for their old car. Getting pressured into buying something new by a salesperson is their entire business. They want unsuspecting customers to put that money into a much more expensive car.

Selling Your Car Online

Five years ago, it would be very uncommon to buy or sell a car online, except for a private sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Luckily, selling your car has never been easier and safer. Cheddar Auto specializes in giving our customers a fair offer for their vehicles. Our easy online system will get you more cheddar in no time. 

Sellers can sit in the comfort of their homes and use our straightforward system. If you want to sell your car online in Cleveland, Ohio, you need to follow these steps:

Your Car’s Information

Cheddar Auto only needs some basic information to buy your car online. Start by entering your license plate number. It’s essential to provide us with accurate information about the vehicle to help us determine its value. You’ll get an initial quote instantly after.

Scheduling an Appointment

After getting the offer, you can schedule an inspection to verify the car’s condition and check other details. You can contact us and schedule an inspection at your convenience. We’ll examine it to offer you a reasonable price for your vehicle.  

Completing the Formalities

We value your time with us; we’ll make things as smooth as possible. The documentation process takes a few minutes if you have all the required documents. Before your appointment, you can review our document checklist to avoid forgetting anything.

Get Paid Then & There

After completing the formalities, you get a check instantly if you have the title with you. With Get More Cheddar, don’t wait days for the payment. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. Our system is transparent, which guarantees a fair price.

Cheddar Auto to the Rescue in Cleveland, Ohio

Many dealerships want to trick you into buying an expensive car when selling your car to them. Cheddar Auto helps you sell your car online swiftly. You are not obligated to sell us your car even if you book an appointment with us. Take your time before accepting the deal and make the right decision for yourself. 

Sell your car in the Cleveland, Chillicothe, Youngstown, OH, area. Cheddar Auto can help you get the most money possible with our online system.