Can You Sell a Car Without a Title in Ohio?

If you’re trying to sell a car in Ohio without a title, you’ll face some obstacles. Buyers might rush to conclusions over an easily explainable situation, such as a lost, stolen, or damaged document. Our Get More Cheddar method streamlines the entire process, and we are here to help you sort out the title situation to have all the documentation needed to get cash for your car.

Here are some things you can do:

Finding Alternative Options

While it varies by state, alternate title options abound. Ohio offers electronic titles for vehicles with lien notations, cancellations, and reassignments. When selling a car online, this convenient option makes it easier. In many states, abandoned vehicle titles use a VIN to put the DMV in contact with its last owner, so the original can be canceled or reassigned. 

Use a Bill of Sale

In some states, a bill of sale provides sufficient proof of ownership, so it’s all you’ll need to get those wheels rolling. Explore the options available in your state; you can find an official bill of sale form at the local DMV, and this standardized version is preferential to a handwritten one. 

Hire a Notary

Notarized bills of sale are only necessary for some states, but it’s wise to involve a notary when handing off anything of high value. No matter how old that clunker is, an official witness can legitimize the sale, ensuring that your title-free transaction is successful and helping rule out issues down the line. 

Replace Your Title

The DMV is happy to assist sellers whose original titles have been lost, damaged, or stolen, issuing replacements as needed. While there’s a fee attached, that piece of paper pays off, boosting buyer trust and overall value. Note that this is only an option if the title has never been altered. 

Try Vehicle Registry in Vermont

If your vehicle is more than 15 years old, Vermont offers an excellent solution for those trying to sell a car without a title. All you need is a bill of sale (notary not required) paired with the registration costs, and you’re on your way to becoming a registered Vermont vehicle owner. This is the only proof necessary for ownership. The best part? It’s satisfactory in all 50 states. Have the VIN, purchase price, date of sale, and buyer and seller details on hand to get started.

Cheddar Auto Pays You on the Spot in Ohio

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