Sell Us Your Car and Start the Year With Cash

It’s a difficult economic time with everything happening in the world now. Inflation, gas prices through the roof, cars are becoming more expensive overall…
Do you need more money to start 2023 right after the holiday spending? Ohio residents should consider selling that old car, truck, or SUV. At Cheddar Auto, we make selling a vehicle online fast and easy. Get the money when you need it.

Provide us with some basic details, such as the VIN, license plate number, and the make/model of your vehicle. Our team uses this information to calculate a preliminary, competitive cash offer on the spot. Once you’ve received your estimate, schedule a vehicle inspection with us, and we’ll draft the paperwork as soon as our offer has been accepted.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Car?

It can be frustrating when your old car starts acting up. You’re left wondering whether you should spend the money to get a new one or just make the necessary repairs. There are a couple of things you should consider before making your decision.

No single answer applies to everyone when the question “repair or replace” arises. Depending on your specific situation, the right decision depends on various factors, including the car repair cost. But worry not. Cheddar Auto will dispense some advice on the matter.

Compare Repair Costs and Your Car’s Value

Use websites such as Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book to calculate the general value of your vehicle. This evaluation shows you how much your car is worth before any repairs or maintenance.

Can You Sell a Car Without a Title in Ohio?

If you’re trying to sell a car in Ohio without a title, you’ll face some obstacles. Buyers might rush to conclusions over an easily explainable situation, such as a lost, stolen, or damaged document. Our Get More Cheddar method streamlines the entire process, and we are here to help you sort out the title situation to have all the documentation needed to get cash for your car.

Here are some things you can do:

Finding Alternative Options

While it varies by state, alternate title options abound. Ohio offers electronic titles for vehicles with lien notations, cancellations, and reassignments. When selling a car online, this convenient option makes it easier. In many states, abandoned vehicle titles use a VIN to put the DMV in contact

Get More Cheddar in Ohio for the Holidays With Cheddar Auto

The holidays are right around the corner, but inflation has affected everyone’s economy. Don’t worry! Learn what you need to do to sell your car for cash easily. Ensure everything goes smoothly with Cheddar Auto’s straightforward process. Get More Cheddar for the holidays in a fast and convenient way!

Your Options

One of the options you have is selling the car on the private market. Negotiations through poorly designed platforms can take a while. 

The dealership option might also be a complicated process. They’ll make you fill in tons of paperwork and jump through hoops for an offer and will end up trying to sell you a more expensive car. It’s their job.

Luckily, Cheddar Auto makes the process seamless. Our Get More Cheddar system